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// Knog - Milkman              

The Milkman always knocks twice. Or at least he did before supermarkets started squeezing dairies and put them out of business. Now the only thing they knock is whiskey. Straight back mixed with nothing but resentment and tears. And some semi skimmed.

Which is total bollocks, but they are still back now though in the form of a cafe lock from the Australian Light/Lock Lotharios Knog. I’m not overly sure Knog are actual lotharios but I was stuck in an alliteration splurge.

Its compact enough to fit in a pocket on a ride. Its not the worlds safest lock as you’d guess but it will stop people just deciding that your bike would make a nice addition to their lives and making off with it with security features such as 6.5mm stainless steel locking shield and a braided steel/fibre core crush cable that will frustrate bolt cutters. For a bit.

The 90cm cable retracts in to the main housing so should go round a few bikes and your head and you can get the Milkman in 4 different colours.

Unfortunately one of the colours isn’t semi skimmed.

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