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// Le Coq Sportiff - Arac Jersey              

Now it is often the case that wearing official replica shirts can make you look like a knob. What would you think if someone cycled past you in a full on yellow skinsuit? I think though that if there is a shirt that is inspired by the official gear then that’s ok. Unfortunately my sartorial CV is littered with times where I’ve worn stuff that I think is ok and in fact I look like a Coq.

With the Tour de France breathing down our necks I thought if I can’t feature something like this when can I? Its part of the Le Coq Sportiff Arac jersey range – there are 5 colour ways, including this one which is of course inspired by the polka dot jersey awarded to the King of the Mountains but with triangles instead of spots. Cheeky. Being 16 stone and an avowed enemy of that bastard ‘gravity’ I therefore am a perfect match to this jersey.

Usual Le coq detailing, great construction and comes with silicone strips to keep in place as well as 3 decent sized pockets on the back. It also has flat seams to prevent chafing, because remember – a bleeding nipple is not a happy nipple.

Oh and it’s also on sale – 40% off. Get your Coqs out.

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