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// Lizard Skins - Dry-Fiant Insulated Shoe Covers              

Lizards are bastards. I mean look at those monitors. Sitting outside all day in the sun, not bothering to get a job and having loads of kids which they then probably claim welfare for.

So it pleases me to hear of anything that involves their skins. Not that these shoe covers are made from actual lizard skins as it’s just the brand name, but then Toad in the Hole isn’t made with reptiles so what’s your point. And no, of course I don’t know what my point actually is either.

The Dry-Fiants are well constructed, wind & water resistant covers for your disco slippers that are also insulated for days when those little doggies can get super cold.

They have a reflective logo for extra safety and I admit it took me about 3 hours to work out what the hell “Fiant” was and what made it something I needed in my life. I am that thick.

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