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// Muc-Off Dry Shower              

We used to call it a scally shower when after gym class you swapped washing your body and just hosed yourself down in Lynx. Africa was our musk of choice.

And this from Muc-Off is basically that but with actual anti-bacterial qualities rather than just a full on pungent aroma you could smell at 100 paces.

Derived from that famous cleaning product, the coconut (no idea) it is formulated to kill the odour causing germs and is ph nuetral. Perfect if after a race you want to actually make it into the bar with out needing a cordon and there is no wash room. Ot its cold. Or you can’t be bothered etc. It comes in handy 50ml size or if you are the size of a house it also comes in a 200ml vat.

Spray it on, leave it to dry, then wipe it off and you will have members of the opposite sex swarming all over you. Oh hang on thats Lynx.

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