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Punctures are like haemorrhoids. They are both an unavoidable byproduct of riding a bike as well as being a massive pain in the ass. Zing.

So it was only a matter of time till someone came up with a way of dealing with them that didn’t involve busted fingers, 7 tyre levers and every swearword you know. The Patchnride is a fairly ingenious invention that makes all that a thing of the past, that admittedly took me about 10 minutes to fully understand how it works. Not that this makes it complicated, just proves my boneheadedness.

The simple explanation is that when tyre armageddon happens and you get that deflating feeling, then you jab the tool into the hole (having located it using the leak detector – basically a wet cloth you wipe onto the tyre, the bubbling area is the puncture) rotate it, slide the slider and lo, fixed is the inner tube and after some righteous pumping you are back on your way.

The more complicated explanation is here – https://patchnride.com/how-it-works/

The Patchnride will fix all tyres from road tubulars and clinchers (in fact its best application as it means you don’t have to rip them apart and re-glue every time you flat) to MTBs and even pram wheels. Basically anything with an inner tube.

Currently on pre-order but ready to ship pretty soon and it’s small enough that you can sling it in a back pocket or bike bag.

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