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// Rapha - Kings of Pain Essentials Case              

“Rapha, it’s just over priced tat for toss pots who like to pose in coffee shops more than they actually like riding their bikes and have great hair even after taking off their helmets”

The above statement is true. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to own every item Rapha make, including that weird parachute material coat thing that was approximately 5 billion pounds or something.

What you get here for dropping your pants and taking one in the bank account is a high quality leather essentials case with bound seams and a satin zip lining. And satin is the material that high flying womanising business men use for their sheets. Learnt that from Pretty Woman.

It’s not waterproof but it is embossed with some logos that denote the suffering of some of the most famous cyclists in history, and that’s much more useful than keeping stuff dry. It’s big enough to take spare inner tube; tyre levers; gas cylinder; reasonably sized multi-tool or mobile phone and also has a credit card slip pocket.

Now admittedly its £45 ($65) and a bread bag is free but then my mate recently lost 2 £20 notes out of his pocket on a ride. If he’d had one of these he’s only needed to have lost 5 more pounds to have made it worth while, ish.

The irony of not having any money left after buying this is not lost on me. Actually it is.

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