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We all had a bike that we wanted as a kid, but didn’t get. In my case it was a Raleigh Street Wolf. It had sound effects (or FX as we call it in the trade) and an awesome red LED.

Never got it. And now I’m an adult not only is it a bit wrong for me to get one from ebay its also far too small. So this is a great fillip, until I can get someone to build me a street hawk in a massive size that is.

The Valour is the first “connected” bike and has a number of ways that it’s actually smarter than you, meat sack.

It has blind spot detection technology so it vibrates if you are about to turn into traffic. It has an inbuilt GPS that you programme using a dedicated app to work out the best cycle route. You then follow the green lights on the handlebars left or right to get your destination.

It also logs everything you do – time, calories burnt pedal strokes, what brand of lynx you are wearing (Africa in case you were wondering) distance etc.

Someone steals it? Sorted cause you can detonate it remotely using the Vanhawk network. Which is also how you can locate it if you didn’t want to do the first bit ……cough

It’s super light and strong with a carbon frame, it looks ace and has a single speed carbon belt drive.

Pre-orders are in now for a march 2015 delivery and although it’s not cheap you get a lot of bike for your money that can do an awful lot of next level stuff.

So all that is well and good and ‘game changing’ and stuff but nowhere does it say that it has a handlebar operated machine gun FX like the Street Wolf. Maybe they can add that and I’m in.

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