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// Rizoma - Metropolitan Bike              

MCP, or Master Control Programme as his mother calls him, was a bit of a bastard in the original Tron. Digitising people just cause they were trying to hack your network, making programmes fight each other in badly animated massive loss causing early 80’s films and the like. Saying that though he had a marvellous eye for style.

And if Tron had needed to get about the game space and he had run out of whatever it was that powered the light cycles, (possibly light?) then this is the bike he’d get around on.

With a monocoque carbon frame and aluminium parts this bad boy isn’t on the cheap side, in fact its hideously expensive but just look at it! Come on, you aren’t looking hard enough…. that’s better. Lets all pop a tent in unison.

The Metropolitan comes in either black or white frame colours with orange or black rims, has a flip flop hub for either single speed or fixed riding and is powered by a belt drive rather than a chain. It also only comes in 1 size. It does come with brakes but they aren’t fitted.

Now if your day isn’t complete without some majestically nebulous design statements then this is what Rizoma say about the Metropolitan bike……

““Elegance and harmony make the metropolitan bike more than just a means of travel, but rather a work of design and a declaration of an aesthetic and existential philosophy.”

Whatever. Now someone lend me €4200 please.

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// Moots - Vamoots Frameset              

Stainless steel aside, if you really want to spend your possibly-not-hard-earned-or-even-yours money on a material for a frame that is both stiff AND a smooth ride, then titanium is the one for you.

There are a fair number of companies now putting titanium frames in their line up, but you really want to go with a company that specialises in it – like Moots.

Based in Steamboat Springs in Colorado they are a band of seriously bearded and (a bit too) down to earth bike fans who create some of the most desirable MTB, Cross and road frames around and have been working in Titanium solely since 1991. The Vamoots is their classic frame, with a bit more of a relaxed geometry to make it the sort of bike you can do everything on, from country lane blasts to an eye bleedingly long ride. It comes in 9 stock sizes with a custom size build available from them directly.

If you like this but want something a bit more performance minded then check out the Vamoots CR (Club Racer) or the top of the range Vamoots RSL (Really Smelly Lasso) which is super light, stiff and ready to race.

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